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3 Tips On Hiring a DUI Attorney for Your Case

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but some are worse than others. Driving under the influence is one of those worst mistakes you can make, but unfortunately, it does happen. After receiving a DUI charge it is advisable to hire DUI an attorney so you don’t have to go through the protocol all on your own. Not all DUI lawyers are created equally and some can be more of a help than others. That being said, let’s 3 tips on how to hire a DUI attorney for your case.

3 Tips On How to Hire a DUI Attorney for Your Case

Stay Local

Going local is always recommended, especially with a DUI attorneys. There are several “big box” firms out there that can certainly handle your case with competence but your best bet is local. Local firms tend to give overall better customer service and likely know the judges, prosecuting attorneys, and other court personnel very well.

Confirm Past Experience

It’s not just enough to go local, you need to go local and experienced. A DUI attorney who has spent many years in the courtroom has the experience, decision-making skills, and other competencies to help you get through a DUI charge as smoothly as possible. If you can find a lawyer that has been operating in the same area for a long time, you may have found your DUI attorney.

Ask for References

Online reviews are one thing but nothing beats a personal reference. Before hiring any DUI attorney or firm ask to see a list of references. A reputable firm will gladly hand over references for you to contact. Take them up on their offer! Call at least 3 references and discuss any questions you have about the DUI attorney you might not otherwise ask. References are one of the best ways to get a full insight into a law firm without even being involved in a case.

By choosing a local firm over the “big box” firms, looking at past experience, and utilizing references, you can find the best DUI attorney in town. A DUI attorney cannot make your DUI go away, but they can work with you to help get your life back on track.