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Connecticut Public Official on the Run for DUI

While a driving under the influence (DUI) may only be a misdemeanor in most states, it is one of the only common misdemeanor charges that has the potential to cause serious damage, injury, and death. For this reason, DUI penalties tend to be tougher compared to other misdemeanors, and even the powerful are not immune to DUI charges. Unfortunately the powerful are not immune to running from the law, and one public figure in Connecticut is on the lamb to escape his DUI-related consequences.

Connecticut police are on the lookout for the 62-year-old attorney and State Board of Education member Stephen Wright, who is facing arrest for failing to appear in court after his fourth DUI in three months. Police were waiting for Wright at a recent ethics commission meeting in Trumbull, Connecticut but Wright failed to appear. Wright’s disappearance has police frustrated, and Wright’s colleagues worried.

Trumbull First Selectman Timothy Herbst said, “I do not want anyone behind the wheel of a car or on the road which currently has a suspended license. Four DUIs in a period of six weeks is incredibly troubling and alarming. I hope and pray that Mr. Wright will turn himself in so no one, including Mr. Wright, gets hurt.”

Wright was charged with his first DUI on Feb 22 By Norwalk, Connecticut police. Wright was released with the promise to appear in court.

Wright was arrested five days later for DUI in Shelton, Connecticut and was released on $1000 bond. Wright’s third arrest came on March 17, after he was arrested by Connecticut State Patrol for DUI and failure to drive in the proper lane. Wright was released after posting $500 bond.

Wright’s most recent arrest came on April 10. Wright was charged with DUI, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and failure to carry registration and insurance. Wright was once again released with a promise to appear in court. A warrant for Wright’s arrest was issued on April 20 after he failed to appear in court for his first charge.

Wright could face more than a year in prison if convicted of all the charges.

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