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Fatal DUI Accident Involves Four Vehicles in Denver

One of the most preventable crimes is also one that we, unfortunately, know all too well. Despite the clear dangers, thousands of motorists every year decide to get behind the wheel after they’ve consumed recreational drugs, or had at the least one too many to drink. It’s difficult to get into the head of a person who decides to drive while intoxicated, they might think their biggest worry is being pulled over for DUI, but in reality, the consequences of a DUI can be much larger than court fees and community service. Sometimes, these consequences hit home.

Unfortunately, you don’t have to look too hard to find the consequences of driving while intoxicated, it happens too often. Such is the case in a fatal hit and run accident that happened in the heart of Denver.

25-year-old Tyler White of Tennessee remains in Denver County jail after a fatal DUI hit-and-run accident near the Colorado Boulevard exit off southbound I-70. White’s Dodge Challenger struck another vehicle, killing the driver, before hitting other vehicles in a four-vehicle incident. “It looked like pool balls got hit on the table and scattered in all directions,” said Denver Police Department supervisor Lt. Robert Rock. The other drivers involved in the accident were treated for minor injuries. Authorities are certain that drugs and alcohol played a role in the accident.

It’s not too difficult to avoid a DUI, all you have to do is never get behind the wheel after you’ve had one too many or after you’ve ingested recreational drugs. There are no rules that say you can’t have a good time, but there are rules about what you can and can’t do behind the wheel. If you know you’re going out and are likely to get intoxicated, plan ahead. Plan with a designated driver, look up public transportation schedules or get the number for a cab service.

It’s up to drivers across the Denver metro to help avoid tragic situations like the one on interstate 70. If you are going to drink, don’t drive. You won’t only avoid all the penalties and fees that come with a DUI charge, but you can make sure no harm comes to you or others from driving under the influence.

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