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Juvenile Law in Colorado Springs

Protect Your Minor Child with the Aid of a Criminal Defense Attorney

If your child is under the age of 18 and has been charged with a crime, they have the right to be tried in a juvenile court of law. To ensure that they are tried fairly, it may be in their best interest to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney from Anderson & Carnahan, Attorneys at Law. With more than three decades of combined experience, our team has the ability to represent juveniles who are facing any type of criminal charge. Both of our firm’s lawyers are former District Attorneys, and are aware of how the criminal court functions. We have successfully defeated the prosecution in numerous juvenile cases, which allowed our clients to walk away with minimal or no marks on their permanent record.

Juvenile Representation and Case Assistance

Although minors are tried in a different type of court, they still face serious consequences that can drastically affect their futures. Without an experienced attorney’s assistance, a juvenile may face incarceration, fines, and other harsh penalties that may permanently remain on their record. Having a criminal record as a juvenile may hinder an individual’s ability to get and/or maintain a job, apply for college, or obtain certain types of professional licenses. An experienced lawyer may be able to replace such penalties with community service, youth programs, and counseling, so their record is not permanently tainted by childhood mistakes.

Contact a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer

A juvenile who committed a crime may not have been aware of the repercussions that their criminal actions caused, and may not deserve a harsh punishment. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients, whether they are adults or minors. We understand the importance of criminal defense to preserve a minor’s record, and our attorneys will do everything in their power to lessen or eliminate charges brought against your minor child. To see if our firm may be able to help you and your adolescent, please fill out a free case evaluation, or contact our office to schedule an appointment with our criminal defense lawyers.