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Sentence Handed Down for Boulder Fatal DUI

You have to wonder what type of thought process is going on in the head for someone who chooses to drink and drive. In most cases, the thoughts are selfish such as, “The worst that can happen is that I get pulled over” or “the worse that can happen is that I get in trouble.” Only thinking about yourself discounts others that could be put in danger when you get behind the wheel intoxicated.

When it comes to driving under the influence, the worst happens. That was the case for Callie Kuhasz who was recently sentenced to twelve years in prison for pleading guilty to charges DUI and vehicular homicide stemming from an auto accident one year ago.

It has almost one year since an accident in which Callie Kuhasz got behind the wheel while under the influence and struck and killed bicyclist Bill Davis. On May 31st Kuhasz pled guilty to charges of DUI and vehicular homicide and received the maximum twelve years in prison.

For those who knew Davis, including his widow, the sentence is not enough. “Twelve years is not long enough for someone who takes a life in that manner,” said Bill Davis’s widow Brianne Davis.

According to the accident report, Kuhasz swerved three feet into a back land before striking Davis and drove away from the scene. Officers found Kuhasz with a 30-pack of beer in her vehicle and only five unopened. Kuhasz was already on probation for an earlier driving while impaired charge.

According to the Longmont Times-Call, Kuhasz’s father felt the accident was Davis’s fault, telling the paper cyclists, “need to be aware of what can happen while riding on an open road.”

Brianne Davis isn’t buying the victim blaming. “I felt like they tried to make excuses for her, and that’s sort of what’s been happening all along which is why we’re in this situation,” she said.

Bill Davis’s father agreed and added a simple piece of advice, “Don’t ever get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking,” Davis’ father Joe said. “Think ahead. That’s what Bill would have done.”

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